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Paint Booths

paint booth ventilaltion in willamette

At Willamette HVAC, we believe every service and piece of equipment we sell represents who we are as a company.

Service and Maintenance

Whether our Willamette HVAC specialists installed your paint booth or not, we will professionally perform service and maintenance on it, as well as any accompanying equipment and ductwork. If you’ve got a blower wheel that’s making an unusual sound or has even stopped turning, call us to take care of it. Of course, we highly recommend annual maintenance on your booth and ductwork to prevent that blower wheel from stopping in the middle of a rush job. Regular maintenance helps to keep your costs down, since the technicians will note any issues during your appointment and address them then and there. They will also alert you to anything they may notice that could need replacing in the near future, so it’s already on your radar. No more costly surprises. Some of the things to expect our technicians to do during a maintenance call are replacing the filter, checking airflow, replacing belts, balancing the booth, cleaning the exhaust fan and plenum, and checking and repairing the air makeup unit. Call us today to get started on a regular maintenance schedule.

Advantages of Direct-Fired Units

We both offer and install direct fired units, alongside the necessary paint booth ductwork, because we think the advantages of direct fired units outweigh the indirect fired units. Some of these advantages are cost, weight, and efficiency. A direct fired unit:

  • Costs less than an indirect fired unit, because an indirect fired unit has a heat exchanger, costing more overall.
  • Weighs less than an indirect fired unit, because the air makeup unit will have less materials in it, which is something to consider if your unit will be roof mounted.
  • Wastes less energy than an indirect fired unit, since the air in a direct fired unit is heated directly by a flame, thereby wasting less energy when increasing the inside temperature.

Paint booths need professionals to install, service, and maintain them. Our professionals at Willamette HVAC have the knowledge and experience to handle all your paint booth needs. Call us today to discuss a maintenance schedule or if you have any questions about the paint booth services we offer.

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